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Desktop Wireless Charger

Computer Mouse Pad Wireless Charger 2 in 1, with 15" PU Leather Mat Surface + Solid ABS Frame + Nonslip Suede Base

Model No.:X345         Package: Gift box
Use:        Home/Office desk, Mobile phone wireless charging
Description:1. High quality PU leather + Non-slip Sude Base + Hard Frame + Secured Fast Wireless Charger
2. Input: DC5V/2.4A, 9V/1.67A
3. Transmit Power 10W/7.5W/5W self-adapting, Charging Efficiency ≥73%, Tansmit Distance 3-8mm
4. FOD, Over-Voltage & Current protection, Over-heat protection, Over-Charged portection,Short-Circuit protection
5. Fit hand feeling on the pad while charging, No high temperature. And Low power consumption when standby
6. 340 x220 x5.5mm, large extened solid smooth leather surface, Low-drag for mouse, free mouse movements, NO HASSLE to crash the charging device
7. Special design with the arrowed angle aligning to get your phone targeted quickly for Qi wireless charging, and Led indicator for charging status changed
8. Color: Navy Blue, Light gray, Beige Rose, or others.
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Computer Mouse Pad wireless charger manufacturer with large leather mouse mat

X345 mouse pad wireless charger with large leather mat

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